perlop cosmeticsIn 1927 Perlop Cosmetics was one of the first, if not the first company to produce a high quality, all natural, Concha Nácar face cream that addressed some of the skin conditions occurring within the Latino community. Some wanted a product to deal with sun spots, blemishes, and scars while others wanted to lighten their complexion. Although beautiful, the darker complexion of some Latinos and that of some other ethnicities, presents a challenging array of skin conditions. Although Perlop Cosmetics has always formulated its face creams with the Latin consumer in mind, many other ethnicities have benefited from the beautifying effects of our creams.

Another important aspect of our company is that it has been family owned since its inception in 1927. This means that all of our creams have been formulated with the love and attention necessary to produce exceptional products. Here, at Perlop, the customer is all important. We are constantly striving to provide the consumer with high quality products that produce great results.

In our estimation, and that of our distributors and so many of our customers, the “Concha Nácar de Perlop” line of face creams is regarded as the leading and or premier brand of face creams containing oyster shell powder (Polvo de Concha Nácar). We have been producing fine products for a very long time, and, as a result, we now have a large and loyal base of steady customers. Our success and growth over the years has been almost exclusively dependent on the effectiveness of our products and the resulting word of mouth recommendations

Finally, you can apply our creams to your face with the confidence that they are made with high quality ingredients and that great care has gone into the manufacturing process. Furthermore, we maintain a very clean manufacturing workplace and are ever mindful of the environment around us and the need to preserve the integrity of the environment for future generations. Also, we are very proud of the fact that we have taken great care of our employees by treating them with dignity and respect. Please be assured that, as always, we at Perlop Cosmetics will be working hard to continue bringing you the finest products that our dedicated organization can formulate. We are very proud of our good name and will do everything possible to preserve it.

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